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           24 Disposable Placemats | Heron            24 Disposable Placemats | Heron
2 - 3 WEEKS
Support local and add a touch of "heron-ly charm" to your table setting with these awesome disposable placemats. Easy to tear off the notepad, you can even mix and match with a few different designs.Product Specifications:Booklet of 24 disposable paper placemats in thick, high-quality paperEach plac..
R109.00 R129.00
Ex Tax:R94.78
Gorgeous, light mint-coloured Whale Tail design bowl covers. Save money on expensive plastic Tupperware and use a bowl cover instead. Great to keep the flies away from your food. Not an eyesore but adds a beautiful element to your kitchen and eliminates the unnecessary use of cling film plastic..
Ex Tax:R242.61
Oh boy do we love bread - freshly made bread, bread with garlic and herbs…all kinds of bread really! Can you smell it, that delicious beer bread, as it comes out the oven? You can’t even wait until it cools down…cause’ mmm that smells like heaven. Flavour | Garlic and Herb (bread and garl..
Ex Tax:R56.52
These little guys are pretty strong when it comes to gripping cables. The Cable Grip Strong Man means no more tangled wires or chargers lying on the floor. But your inner organizer will be satisfied when you see these little men at work. Material: Wood SIZE |12cm wide x 3.5 cm deep x 5cm t..
Ex Tax:R95.65
  Olive Set | Sketchbook   Olive Set | Sketchbook
Beautifully boxed sets with so many uses that make the perfect gift for all occasions.Your olives will look delicious and your guests will be as happy as can be!Specifications include:Material: Ceramics and Stainless SteelWeight: 300gDimensions: L:145 x W:40 x H:15 (spoon) L:152 x W:122 x H:60 (bowl..
Ex Tax:R738.26
  Triangle Bowl Set | Twirl
1 - 2 WEEKS
This gorgeous triangular-shaped Bowl with Twirl Spoon is super versatile. Use it for sugar at high tea, spicy sauces at a braai, chutney sauces on your cheese platter or for strawberry jam on your scones when watching Wimbledon... Packaged beautifully in a gift box that will add to the gifting ..
Ex Tax:R503.48
 Activity Book | Shapes & Colours  Activity Book | Shapes & Colours
This sunny South African themed A4 activity book is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for hours. This fabulous Read, Write, and Create activity book is packed with beautifully illustrated pictures representing Shapes & Colours. This boredom-buster is educational, with a South African fact link..
Ex Tax:R104.35
It’s a float for your drinks—with a twist. Just inflate these Penny Candy Beverage Boats, drop in a standard size drink, and welcome yourself to the sweet life. These drink floats keep your cup afloat, so you don’t have to interrupt your feng shui just to take a sip of your mai tai (or Shirley Templ..
Ex Tax:R129.57
I whip my mask back and forth! We love these Camden Collection adjustable masks with oh so fabulous prints. Trouble-free & easy for whatever activity you have planned for the day. Specifications include:- Adjustable toggle for effortless on the go masks - Both adult & chi..
Ex Tax:R43.48
 Notebook Holder | Let's Talk
1 - 2 WEEKS
Keep your note pad close at hand for writing messages with this stainless-steel notepaper holder.When you’re on the phone, sometimes it’s good to take notes while you have a work chat. This notebook holder is perfect for just that and your notes are neatly and stylishly kept too. Specifications..
Ex Tax:R677.39
Embrace the female form with this beautifully crafted sugar ladle, specifically designed to hold just the right amount of sugar, these beautiful sugar ladles are one of our most popular items.Specifications include:Material: Stainless SteelWeight: 32gDimensions: 130 x 36 x 20mm..
Ex Tax:R164.35
When you're a girl who loves her country. It's easy to show your pride with this vinyl sticker. Your car is with you all day, it is by your side, it doesn't talk back, it listens to your singing, conversations and accepts your bad driving... be good to your car... give it some vinyl love!Be uni..
Ex Tax:R68.70
Black Gold invites you to be bold with this natural hand & body lotion in our geometric 150ml black glass.Fragrance description: Black Gold, where gourmand notes of aniseed, black cherry and rum give way to the pull of lingering tobacco and rich oud Cape Island luxury liquid soap is ma..
Ex Tax:R182.61
150ml Fragranced Luxury Liquid Soap | Clifton Beach 150ml Fragranced Luxury Liquid Soap | Clifton Beach
1 - 2 WEEKS
Celebrate the natural beauty of the Cape Coastline with this luxury liquid soap. Where sun-warmed coconut melds effortlessly with soft white flowers, tolu balsam and the zest of fresh lime. The epitome of luxury liquid soap that is presented in a geometric glass 150ml bottle. Cape Islan..
Ex Tax:R182.61
24 Disposable Placemats | Antique Peaches 24 Disposable Placemats | Antique Peaches
We just love this set of 24 Disposable Placemats with a beautiful garden scene depicting pretty florals and peaches and plums in an antiquely elegant style. They are easy to tear off the notepad, you can even mix and match with a few different designs.Product Specifications:Booklet of 24 dispos..
Ex Tax:R112.17
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