When the weather starts to get warmer, and the days get longer & the drinks are colder…we know Summer is on its way!

Luckily, we know the perfect way to make your summer the best one yet.

Number 1:

Be a tourist in your own city

This is easy when you have the beautiful landscapes and activities that South Africa has to offer. However, ain’t nobody want to come home with a sunburn. Instead, make sure you can enjoy the entire holiday by wearing a good ol’ (or rather new) hat. One of our best sellers is the Gilly Hat.

HAT IMAGE LINK: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/her/hats-scarves/gilly-petrol-blue 

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Number 2:

Channel your inner child or get something awesome for your existing child.

There are but loads of fun inflatables on our site to help you with this one, from the Lil' Lilo Mermaid Tail to the Monster Giant Yard Sprinker. A lot of fun is to be had this December – we can assure you.

SPRINKLER IMAGE LINK: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/lifestyle/holiday/giant-sprinkler-monster

For all inflatables: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/occasions/beach-poolside 

Number 3:

Visit the beach or enjoy the pool

Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a beach at our doorstep, but a little splish splash in the pool or even sprinkler is definitely the next best thing. You’re in need of a towel to make your life a whole lot easier and ya know drier. 

TOWEL IMAGE LINK: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/lifestyle/holiday/microfibre-towel-double-sided-ile-maurice


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Number 4:

Play a game with family or friends

Get a group together whether familia or amigos and enjoy a good old fashioned game. We hope it fills the air with laughter and happiness, and ya know no “awkward silences”. Remember - it’s all fun & games!

GAME IMAGE LINK: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/lifestyle/games/awkward-silence-game

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Number 5:

Decorate your bedroom, bathroom or living room with vinyl stickers!

If you’ve spent too much time outside, and you’re looking for an indoor activity – you’ll have to stick with us! We have tons of vinyl sticker options that can give your home the new flair you’ve been looking for, without too much commitment.

VINYL IMAGE LINK: https://www.aplacetoshop.co.za/brands-we-love/vinyl-stickers-decals/every-dream-sticker 

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....and lastly, have a super Summer from us at the APTS team!