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Have you heard of the most Southern tip of Africa, it’s Cape Agulhas and you can see the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans – it’s a remarkable sight! One of the many reasons why we love Africa!Sterling silver handmade Africa pendant with heart in South Africa..
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Personalize your necklace or have matching necklaces with your bestie! The alphabet letter charms will make you feel A for AMAZING, B for beautiful & C for COOL while walking around with your unique necklace! Chain necklace and silver charm with enamelled initial is available in white...
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The heart is the symbol of unconditional love and compassion. Each Necklace comes on a story card with beautiful inspiring words.The Size of the Heart | 7mm x 9mmThe Length of the Silk Necklace length is 42cmIt is a super-spoil for a special lady and exudes elegance, prettiness and love. One of..
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Perfect for engraving a special person's name or a message on for maybe a bestie, your lover or mommy dearest!Sterling silver bar necklace, with little heart cutout from bar.Length of pendant is approx. 4 cm across, and entire chain total is 49 cm. ..
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These Necklaces with Charms made extra special gifts for any Lady in your life. Each Necklace comes beautifully packaged on a decorative card with a inspirational message or quote. Contentment Heart Quote"One love, one heart.  Let's get together and feel all right." Bob Marley."The ch..
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It’s the circle of life!Sterling Silver round stud earrings, filled with coloured resin, with crossover silver detailing.Approx. 8 mm in size, with push-on sterling silver butterfly backs.Available in 2 standard colours - strawberry (pinky-red), purple & peacock (blue-green)  ..
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The beautiful bicycle pendant is the perfect way to show your passion, as well as being an elegant, beautiful piece of jewelryEach Necklace comes beautifully packaged on a card with a motivational quote.The charms and clasps are all sterling silver and come on a Sterling Silver Chain.  The stan..
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If you’re crazy for plants – then these delicious monster earrings are for you! Yes – this plant is known as a Delicious Monster & you can wear delicious monsters on your ears all day long!Cute & dainty little Delicious Monster Leaf earrings :)Each leaf measures approx. 11 x 14 mm in size, a..
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The Delicious Monster Pendant is heart-shaped in appearance - making it the perfect gift for someone you love! Pendant Size | Delicious Monster Leaf | 14x17mm1.4mm in thicknessAll Chains and Charms are Sterling Silver The chains are standard length: 45cm Handcut in South AfricaTh..
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Lovely gifts for Moms, Daughters, Wives, Best Friends, Bridesmaids & Sisters!Size of Circle: 3cm The Necklace and Circle are Sterling Silver, plated in gold. Each Necklace comes beautifully packaged on a decorative card with an inspirational message or quote. Quote on this Card "E..
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Giddy Up & get ready for this beautiful Pony Necklace  (if you love horses as much as we do, that is). Sterling Silver Horse Pendant, with heart cut out. Approx. 26 x 20 mm in size, on a 45cm chain. ..
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Remember to love, even when it’s hard…the world will be a lot better because of it!Sterling silver tiny disc pendant, with hand-cut lettering (love) and heart.Cut by hand from 1.4 mm thick silver, the little disc measures approx. 12 x 12 mm in size. ..
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These beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver Charms are trendy and perfect for the lady who is passionate about what they love and cherish.Pendant Size | Strelitzia | 20 x 24mm1.4mm in thicknessAll Chains and Charms are Sterling Silver The chains are standard length: 45cm Handcut. Made in..
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The Tree of Life has always been a symbol of personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. Just as the branches of a tree strengthen and grow upwards to the sky, we too grow stronger, striving for greater knowledge, wisdom and new experiences as we move through life.Pendant Size | Cir..
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Large Wild Elephant Pendant | 45cm Chain | Sterling Silver Large Wild Elephant Pendant | 45cm Chain | Sterling Silver
This beautifully handcrafted Sterling Silver Wild Elephant Charm is trendy and perfect for someone who loves ellies!Pendant Size | Elephant | 21 x 28mmThe chains are standard length: 45cm Handcut in South Africa..
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