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A handpicked selection of handbags, Weekender Bags and Wallets for our lovely ladies!

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Alice | Starflower Red OUT OF STOCK

Alice | Starflower Red

Alice Bags are trendy and versatile. The front attachment looks like a lace up clip, but has a magnet button which makes it easy to open and close but still has a bohemian look.Size: 35 x 25 cm Long a..

Backpack | Fynbos - Cream Charcoal

Pack ‘em bags and get ready to go. All the fabrics used are 100% natural fibers mainly cotton, linens, and hemp fabrics. These fabrics are colorfast and durable to make up high-quality items. Bag..

Beach Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Beach Bag

Let’s go the beach each…lets go to the beach! Nothing is left behind with this beautiful beach bag. SIZE | 60 x 42 cm and base 40 x 21 cm Specifications include:- Lovely large beach bag..

Card Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Card Bag

All your cards get to be happy campers together in your little card bag. Comes in stunning prints with a leather strap! SIZE | 16 x 13cm unfolded..

Card Pouch | Fern PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Card Pouch | Fern

The perfect size for business cards, bank cards or cash dollar. You can quite easily add a key ring and attach it to your keys. Canvas waterproof lining. YKK quality sliders...

Double Zip Vanity Bag PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Double Zip Vanity Bag

Two compartments to compartmentalize your life! The perfect unisex gift for your loved one or a friend of yours.SIZE | L30cm x W12cm x H16cmSpecifications include:• Side of bag YKK gold zip compartmen..

File Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

File Bag

Whether you’re a terrific teacher or kickass businesswoman – this file bag will show that you mean business whether that’s to colleagues or the people who look up to you.Size | 40 x 31 x 13cm Spe..

Glasses Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Glasses Bag

Your glasses will find a stylish perfectly cozy home in this glasses bag. An added bonus – with the fabulous prints on this bag it’ll be easy to find your glasses in your handbag! SIZE | 16 x 9 x..

Large Toiletry Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Large Toiletry Bag

Some people just need EVERY single beauty product when they’re away - face masks, nail polish…oh and don’t forget pore-shrinking products! SIZE | 19 x 32 x 6cm Specifications include:- Top z..

Large Travel Wallet PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Large Travel Wallet

Travel big – travel with no worries whatsoever! The Large Travel Wallet has a place for everything and is stylish too.SIZE | L14cm x H24cm x D3cmSpecifications include:• Opened full L 30cm• Lined insi..

Make-up Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Make-up Bag

Ain’t nobody enjoy it when your make up messes all of your bag and then you have to wash EVERYTHING. This bag is made for these kind of things – with its waterproof black canvas inner layer. Perfect f..

Patsy Belt Pouch PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Patsy Belt Pouch

New & back in fashion for obvious reasons! One of favorites being the no hands, no hassle benefit. Give patsy a good ol’ try and enjoy the belt pouch life.SIZE | W15cm x L22cm x D2cmSpecifications..

Pouch Purse PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Pouch Purse

A purse that’s just the best pouch around! Whether you like bold mustard or black that goes with everything – we have an array of different colors to choose from.SIZE | L25cm x H16cm x W1.5cmSpecifica..

Scatter Cushion Covers PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Scatter Cushion Covers

Scatter them all over or make them a statement piece in your space! We love these prints & know at least one will suit your unique personality. SIZE | 60x60cm with piping  PLEA..

Shoulder Book Bag PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Shoulder Book Bag

I told ya, it’s easy just hang it over your shoulder! We love the two-tone vibe that this bag has going on & know you will too!SIZE | L37cm x H39cm x W3 cmSpecifications include:• Genuine leather ..

Shoulder Tote Bag PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Shoulder Tote Bag

The totes to your amazing…it’s totes amazing! All the pouches needed inside with all the space you ever did need. SIZE | W38cm x D38cm x L38 cmSpecifications include:• Slouchy raw edged handbag&n..

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Sue Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Sue Bag

Everybody needs a Sue Bag in their life. They're dependable, make sure any inner messes are contained, and can hold a lot of 'emotional' baggage. Get yourself (or a friend) a Sue Bag! Specif..

Terri Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Terri Bag

Say hello to Terri – your convenient cellphone passport bag! While traveling it’s a blessing and while living your best life it’s your partner in crime! SIZE | 21 x 14 cm ..

Toiletry Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Toiletry Bag

Look like the lady you are with your new toiletry bag. For all your bathroom goodies for a quick little trip! SIZE | 17 x 23 x 6cmSpecifications include:- Top zip- Waterproof black canvas inside..

Urban Cellphone Sling PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Urban Cellphone Sling

Get with the sling of things! When navigating through the urban jungle – a cellphone sling is all you really need. SIZE | L15cm x H20.5cm x W2.5cmSpecifications include:• Made for the Urban trend..

Weekend Bag PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Weekend Bag

The ideal size for a weekend getaway! The most stunning prints that will match your unique personality…perfectly! SIZE | 35 x 50 x 20cmSpecifications include:- Double zip at the top - Leathe..

Double Decker Cooler | Leafing Around Emerald PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Double Decker Cooler | Leafing Around Emerald

Great for a picnic, boat ride or family braai! Arrive in style! SIZE | L30cm x H28cm x W21cmLined inside with aluminium foiled paddingTwo separate insulated compartments top and bottomGenuine lea..

Double Decker Cooler | Scale Away Emerald PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Double Decker Cooler | Scale Away Emerald

Great for a picnic, boat ride or family braai! Arrive in style! SIZE | L30cm x H28cm x W21cmLined inside with aluminium foiled paddingTwo separate insulated compartments top and bottomGenuine lea..

Roll Up Vanity | Leafing Daffodil

A beautiful bathroom accessory that folds up perfectly for your travel bag! Size: L27cm x H26cm x W5cmWater resistant fabric for extra protection and durabilityLined inside with Thandana logo wat..