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Oh boy do we love bread - freshly made bread, bread with garlic and herbs…all kinds of bread really! Can you smell it, that delicious beer bread, as it comes out the oven? You can’t even wait until it cools down…cause’ mmm that smells like heaven. Flavour | Garlic and Herb (bread and garl..
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These little guys are pretty strong when it comes to gripping cables. The Cable Grip Strong Man means no more tangled wires or chargers lying on the floor. But your inner organiser will be satisfied when you see these little men at work. Material: Wood SIZE |12cm wide x 3.5 cm deep x 5cm t..
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Africa with Heart | VINYL STICKER Africa with Heart | VINYL STICKER
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For someone who loves being a South African! Your car is with you all day, it is by your side, it doesn't talk back, it listens to your singing, conversations and accepts your bad driving... be good to your car... give it some vinyl love! Be unique, be proudly South African, be you! These ..
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Ideal for bundu bashing, sunny and/or windy conditions and outdoor leisure.... this is the perfect bush hat for those safari holidays! This lightweight wide-brimmed sun hat will protect you from harmful rays and it comes with an adjustable toggle chinstrap and wooden bead, which makes it a..
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The perfect gift for your hubby, dad or any man really! He'll love the masculine, natural, stylish cork material of the Cork Card Holder as he strides through life! A stylish & functional accessory, cork is a versatile & sustainable natural fibre.Specifications include: Durable | W..
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Date Night Coupons Date Night Coupons
Put the DISCO back in your DATE NIGHTs with this quirky and fun box of date night coupons .... it'll give you plenty ideas (100 to be exact) to choose from - think ice skating to movies to tenpin bowling to cooking together and so much more! It'll give you soo many new memories to build together, an..
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“Oh no, my car is diesel, not petrol…what am I going to do.” Thankfully, you have our life-saving diesel stickers, that are easily placed over the fuel tank. SIZE | W: 13cm H: 13cmProudly South African, designed and made by CAMDEN COLLECTION.COLOUR | Black, grey or white You will receive a..
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Don’t you just uuuh…love when someone drives super close to you while driving behind you? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This vinyl is sure to remind people (with a little humour) that you enjoy your space while in the car.SIZE | W: 12.7cm H: 14.6cmCOLOUR | Black, grey or whiteProudly Sou..
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When you don’t like confrontation, but you really DISLIKE when people touch your car. Give them a fair warning with this vinyl sticker! SIZE | W: 20cm x H: 14cmCOLOUR | Black, grey or whiteProudly South African, designed and made by CAMDEN COLLECTION. You will receive application instruction..
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These firelighters are by no means ordinary. Each firelighter looks like a match yet burns like a firelighter. No jokes. Comes in a bag for easy travel, and makes for a cool gift idea for dad, your brother or the man in your life. Long-lasting & easy to use. 20 pieces in each box.&nbs..
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Half Apron | King of the Kitchen Half Apron | King of the Kitchen
Spoil your favourite chef or a special friend with this quirky apron. This is a thoughtful gift for a man who loves a laugh and who thoroughly enjoys cooking.The apron is made from locally produced Cotton Twill, which consists of cotton textile that is woven with the characteristic twill patter..
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A neat gift for someone who is often in front of the TV or in bed catching up on work.This wooden handy lap desk is soft on the bottom, has a slot to fit your iPad and a flat bed large enough for a laptop.Comfortable and super convenient, making working from home even more homely!Slot measures 34 x ..
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There ain’t many things better than a good head scratch…mmm. Well, there is the head massager – it definitely takes head scratches to the next level!It will reduce tension and stimulates sensitive nerves in your scalp.Gives your whole body a relaxing feeling when you massage your head with the soft-..
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Don't be caught off guard without your emergency back up tot!!! A quirky little gift for someone that enjoys a bit of a laugh!Size | 9.5 x 13cm..
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When all you feel is love, love, love & your spirits are bright!A great gift for a single person too who is in need of a little brightening up of their spirits, especially during the festive season. Size | 9.5 x 13cm..
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