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Ring of Fire Game

Are you tough enough to withstand the Ring of Fire Card Game? Place the deck face down in a ring around the empty 'King's cup' and have players take turns picking up cards. Everyone follows the rule o..

Roll Up Vanity | Chain Rabbit PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Roll Up Vanity | Chain Rabbit

A beautiful bathroom accessory that folds up perfectly for your travel bag! Size: L27cm x H26cm x W5cmWater resistant fabric for extra protection and durabilityLined inside with Thandana logo wat..

Sidekick Bath Tray PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Sidekick Bath Tray

Haven’t you always wanted to feel luxurious while having a warm scented bath? Well you won’t be disappointed when you buy the best sidekick bath tray - always there to make sure you’re enjoying some r..

Spring Light PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Spring Light

Spring some light into your life. This little light is both rechargeable and portable – helping you put a light on any situation!Specifications include: - 3 hours of light - Fully charges in..

Sugar Skull Umbrella

From fiesta to siesta, we got you coveredYou might not own a stretch of beach on the coast of Cabo, but you can still claim a little piece of the prime real estate for a midday snooze! Our Sugar Skull..

Tiger Zipper Bags OUT OF STOCK

Tiger Zipper Bags

Rawr…have we got a treat for you!Set of 3 reusable zipper bags. Durable leak-proof design. Specifications include:- Reusable - Eco-friendly - Dishwasher & Freezer safe- Stand-up des..

Eco-Friendly Firelighters PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Eco-Friendly Firelighters

These Beeswax Firelighters are nothing short of awesome! In fact, they's both uber-cool AND super-hot!Made from non-toxic cotton material, bee's wax and coconut oil, these are 100% natural and eco-fri..

Mancala | The Worlds Oldest Game OUT OF STOCK

Mancala | The Worlds Oldest Game

A beautiful solid wood playing board, with colourful glass beads as pieces. Mancala is one of the world's most widely played games, with hundreds of variations. It has been played since the time of th..

Africa with Words | VINYL STICKER

South Africa described perfectly in the Vinyl Wall Decal! Take it as a gift overseas, travels easily in a postage tube.Looks like writing on your wall! Still the most cost effective way to transform a..

Beach Towel | Sugar Skull PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Beach Towel | Sugar Skull

Bring the celebration to the beachOur new Sugar Skull Beach Blanket makes sure that you and your beach buds stay festive. At 5 feet across, it lets you soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip..

Life is a Beautiful Ride | VINYL STICKER

Life is a beautiful ride; you’ve got to hold onto the handlebars and enjoy it! Whether you relate to this on a personal level or you’re an avid cyclist, this quote is 10/10 relatable. Size: W: 55..

Pool Lilo | Angel Wings

Guardian of pool, messenger of cool!OK maybe you haven’t been on your best behavior. But for those who need to get back on track, we’ve created the Angel Wings Pool Float. It’s ready for big summer fu..

Pool Lilo | Two Hearts PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Pool Lilo | Two Hearts

Inseparable hearts Everything is better in two’s: tropical drinks by the pool side, Netflix binges with a friend, and of course pool days. Our Giant, two-person Double Hearts Pool Float hits the ..

Luggage Tag | Chain Rabbit

Fabric Luggage Tag! ..

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle

For all your crazy-for-caffeine friends, the Coffee Lover's Jigsaw Puzzle will make the most stimulating of gifts – almost as stimulating as coffee itself (GASP)!Fit the 500 pieces together to create ..

Set of 4 Eco-Straws STEEL - Rose Gold

Want to be part of an environmentally aware revolution? Then SAY NO to plastic straws and buy your own family set of 4 re-usable stainless steel straws with a handy cleaner. It comes in a handy cotton..

Socks for Africa PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Socks for Africa

Put your right foot forward, or your left...because both will be on point when it comes to this FASHION STATEMENT! The perfect gift for that special someone who has a unique & stylish taste when i..

Superman Light!

Superman is to the rescue, whether it’s providing a night light for reading, to defend the kids from their night-time ‘villains’ visiting or as an adult collectable.The Superman Light takes its distin..

Beer Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

We’d like to recommend that you puzzle responsibly. Learn about popular beer varieties and regions when solving the beautiful, hand-illustrated puzzle and refer to the poster guide to help you along.&..

Tools Rules | Metal Sign

Tin Wall Plaque for Dads Size | 67 x 46cm ..

Luggage Tag | Scale Away Blue PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Luggage Tag | Scale Away Blue

Fabric Luggage Tag! ..

Man Flu Survival Kit PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Man Flu Survival Kit

There ain’t nothing worse than man flu, they’re basically dying (well in their eyes). Show that you sympathize (not really) with all that men have to deal with…wow what a difficult life (cough…giving ..

Africa Gold Glitter Globe

The land of Gold !!Our personal African continent design, with gold glitter in the globe. The globe is split inside so you can remove the base and insert your ownpersonalised picture; maybe it be of t..