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                         Lil' Lilo | Mermaid Tail -39%

Lil' Lilo | Mermaid Tail

Get prepared for a fin-tastic summer?Until now, inflatables for your mini-me have been dull, boring, and well kinda ugly. We assume your little one follows in your footsteps—big personality with an ap..

R350.00 R215.00 Ex Tax: R186.96

Giant Yard Sprinkler | Unicorn

If you’re gonna keep cool, you’ve got to be cool!Sure, the kids could run through the rusty ol’ sprinkler you keep in your shed (think: “ouch! dad my eyes are burning!”). But if you want cool points w..

R999.00 Ex Tax: R868.70

Pool Lilo | Mermaid Tail

There’s nothing little about this mermaid!! This summer – it’s time to go biiiiig on your pool lilo, and our new Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float is the perfect beach accessory. At over 5 feet long, it’s..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Beach Ball | Donut Hole

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows—oh wait, yes it issized right for big fun in any size poolstandard air valvegreat for pool parties, beach days, and vacationseasy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, an..

R225.00 Ex Tax: R195.65

Beach Towel | Pineapple

Nom Nom Nom Nom…When you put our new Gigantic Pineapple Beach Blanket between the sand and yourself, every location is a tropical one. This juicy fruit spans 5 feet so you can soak up some rays or tow..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Beverage Boats | Mermaid Tail | 2 pack

Don’t let your drink sink!One thing you should never “scale” back: is ice cold drinks! Just inflate our Mermaid Tail Beverage Boats, insert any standard size drink inside, and you’ll be feeling fin. O..

R199.00 Ex Tax: R173.04

Beverage Boats | Unicorn | 2 pack

Don’t let your drink sink!Imagine this: you’re 4 songs into your Summer Jamz 2011™ playlist. You’re floating in the pool but the sun is relentless—the thirst for that frozen drink you slaved over 30 m..

R199.00 Ex Tax: R173.04

Pool Lilo | Giant Butterfly

Float like a butterfly, sing like a BeyoncéSo maybe your summer tan transformation is taking a little longer than you planned. Speed up the ol’ metamorphosis by skipping right to the beautiful butterf..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Pool Lilo | Tree Island PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Pool Lilo | Tree Island

If the thought of being stuck on a deserted island away from the rest of society sounds too good to be true, then give our Island Oasis Pool Float a try. It’s your personal island of summer fun, even ..

R550.00 Ex Tax: R478.26

Pool Lilo | Unicorn Glitter OUT OF STOCK

Pool Lilo | Unicorn Glitter

Unicorns are more loyal companions than dogs. So while all of your friends flake on your pool plans this summer because they have to “work” or “babysit” or “go visit family”, the Giant Unicorn Pool Fl..

R550.00 Ex Tax: R478.26

Pool Lilo | Whoopie Cushion PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Pool Lilo | Whoopie Cushion

Once filled, this awesome lilo will have enough gas to rearrange the periodic table!Just inflate this larger-than-life Whoopee Cushion Pool Float to have a “blast” in the pool! It’s over 1.3m wide and..

R399.00 Ex Tax: R346.96

Pool Lilo | XL Octopus

“Move along bruh, this float is already octo-pied ”If only humans had this many arms—JUST THINK OF ALL THE SELFIE ANGLES! Until then, you’ll have to do the best with what ya got and live with an accid..

R649.00 Ex Tax: R564.35

Giant Yard Sprinker | Monster

We made it super-simple to use, too. Just inflate it, and connect a standard garden hose. Turn on the water and voila! …The inflatable design also means that it’s lightweight, easy to move, and deflat..

R999.00 Ex Tax: R868.70

             Pool Lilo | Peacock PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Pool Lilo | Peacock

Giving new meaning to Big BirdYou don’t have to trek 2 hours to the zoo just to get up close and personal with a peacock—just inflate this one and voila, summer is awesome. Our Giant Peacock Pool Floa..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Lil' Lilo | Flamingo

The cutest ‘mingo in the flockUntil now, inflatables for your mini-me have been dull, boring, and well kinda ugly.  This Pink Flamingo Lil’ Float is dual-chambered for stability, featuring a secu..

R350.00 Ex Tax: R304.35

Lil' Lilo | Tinysaurus Rex

The plain old pool float is officially EXTINCTUntil now, inflatables for your mini-me have been dull, boring, and well kinda ugly. We assume your little one follows in your footsteps—big personality w..

R350.00 Ex Tax: R304.35

Pool Lilo | Angel Wings

Guardian of pool, messenger of cool!OK maybe you haven’t been on your best behavior. But for those who need to get back on track, we’ve created the Angel Wings Pool Float. It’s ready for big summer fu..

R550.00 Ex Tax: R478.26

Pool Lilo | Duckie

We’re awfully fond of you, Mr. DuckieWe won’t judge you for taking your rubber duckie into the pool…but pleeeaaaaase remember your bathing suit! This jumbo-sized pool float is playing it cool and thro..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Pool Lilo | Giant Swan

Swan-about in style this summerYou can climb aboard this ginormous White Swan pool float without worrying about it chasing you away, and you ending up on the wrong end of a viral video. At 4 feet acro..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Pool Lilo | Two Hearts

Inseparable hearts Everything is better in two’s: tropical drinks by the pool side, Netflix binges with a friend, and of course pool days. Our Giant, two-person Double Hearts Pool Float hits the ..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Giant Yard Sprinker | Elephant

Your rusty ol’ sprinkler is irrelephantLet that complex-thingee-with-the-spike and the tsss-tss-tsss-tsss-doohickey stick to the basics—growing grass. Because when summer heat waves come around, there..

R999.00 Ex Tax: R868.70

Pool Lilo | Flamingo PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Pool Lilo | Flamingo

Larger than life and really, really pink!Add some tropical flavour to the pool party this summer. Measuring over four feet wide and hilariously pink, our famous giant pink flamingo pool float is tough..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91

Floating Drinks Cooler | Shark

Welcome to the shark tank (aka The super chill shark swim-up bar)Our new Swim Up Bars are fun, easy-to-use inflatable beverage coolers for you and your chums. This one in particular keeps 7 drinks afl..

R499.00 Ex Tax: R433.91