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TOLO Toy | Baby Camera

TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
TOLO Toy | Baby Camera
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This baby camera will bring your child endless hours of fun and enjoyment, while offering educational and developmental skills like colour recognition, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, sound recognition, touching and gripping skills!

  • Encourage your little one to explore the toy independently. Does your baby know what a camera is? Does he or she discover the pop up flash when they press the button? If not show how this works. 
  • Show your infant how to hold the camera and look through the viewfinder - point out the happy teddy and encourage your child to talk about what he or she sees. 
  • Help your child's language development by talking about what a camera does and all the interesting 'pretend' pictures they can take. Encourage lots of photo taking - just like Mummy and Daddy.  
  • Praise any efforts at role playing and imitation - role play will become an important developmental play tool and your child will be able to role play more effectively when a little bit older. 

Tolo Toys is the unmistakable collection of developmental toys which offers unsurpassed educational benefit for children during their formative years. Everything in the Tolo range of products is designed with safety and durability in mind. Only the highest grade materials are used and rigorous testing procedures ensure that quality standards remain consistently high.

Suitable for kids 12m+

14cm x 8.2cm x 10.5cm (L/W/H)

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