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Gigi Hat | Navy

Soft crushed look which can be manipulated to be either fashionable, dressy or flattering. It features a 4cm matching colour ribbon around the crown.100% Natural FibreNot WashableUPF50+Size | 58cmInte..

   Family Bag | Navy -19%

Family Bag | Navy

Keep a handle on everything! Hassle-free shopping with this super cool and comfortable familybag. Managing your bag and child has never been easier. \Made for parents – by parents!Size | 43 x 42 ..

R569.00 R459.00 Ex Tax: R399.13

  Olive Set | Sketchbook PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Olive Set | Sketchbook

Beautifully boxed sets with so many uses that make the perfect gift for all occasions.Your olives will look delicious and your guests will be as happy as can be!Specifications include:Material: Cerami..

 Bella | Ivory Blue PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Bella | Ivory Blue

Sporting a heritage town and country style, this polybraid is complemented with a stylish belt trim.100% Poly BraidWashableUPF50 +Size: 58cmEmthunzini Hats have been awarded the Cancer Association of ..

 Notebook Holder | Let's Talk PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Notebook Holder | Let's Talk

Keep your note pad close at hand for writing messages with this stainless-steel notepaper holder.When you’re on the phone, sometimes it’s good to take notes while you have a work chat. This notebook h..

 Sauce Ladle Mini | Lilium PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Sauce Ladle Mini | Lilium

Inspired by the stamens of a lily flower. Bring nature & beauty into your home with the Stainless-Steel Lilium Sauce Ladle Mini...

 Sauce Ladle Mini | Splash PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Sauce Ladle Mini | Splash

The splash is inspired by the movement of water from a single splash of liquid.To create a seamless flow when it comes to a great evening…to the finishing saucy touch. ..

 Sugar Ladle | Aster NEW PRE-ORDER - Please Enquire

Sugar Ladle | Aster

These exuberant blooms bring a cheerful touch of flower power to your table settings.Perfect to add to your already stunning table!Specifications include:Material: Stainless SteelWeight: 40gDimensions..

Sugar Ladle | Hanging Wave

Specifically designed to hold just the right amount of sugar, these beautiful sugar ladles are one of our most popular items.Embrace the wave of life.Specifications include:Material: Stainless SteelWe..

100% Cotton KIKOYS | Pink, Blue or Green -20%

100% Cotton KIKOYS | Pink, Blue or Green

It will be the most beautiful, versatile item in your holiday travel bag or beach house! Use it as a sarong, towel, table cloth or baby bath wrap. High Quality, 100% Cotton Kikoys Made in KenyaAvailab..

R325.00 R260.00 Ex Tax: R226.09

A Hennesey Moment Gift Box

Give him something special! An exclusive gift packed for the special man in your life!1 x Bottle Hennesey VS2 x Cognac Glasses 1 x Solid Chocolate Cigar ..

Angelwings & Rose Gold Heart Necklace PRE-ORDER | 2-3 weeks

Angelwings & Rose Gold Heart Necklace

The heart is the symbol of unconditional love and compassion. Each Necklace comes on a story card with beautiful inspiring words.The Size of the Heart | 7mm x 9mmThe Length of the Silk Necklace length..

Bamboo & Metal Lantern | X Large

This lantern is large enough to place on the floor around an outdoor entertainment area to to hang above a large dining room table. Size |  82cm x 35cm  ..

R1,750.00 Ex Tax: R1,521.74

Bottle Opener| Giraffe

Add a touch of the wild to your bar with this laser cut bottle openerMaterial | Stainless SteelSize | 13.8 cm Carrol Boyes is an iconic South African designer and her brand has deftly crafted a c..

Bottle Stopper | At Rest

Designer packaging and supreme practicality combine to make this the perfect gift.Material | Chrome Plated AlloyDimensions | 4 x 6.5 x 7 cmCarrol Boyes is an iconic South African designer and her bran..

Business Card Case | Swell

An elegant way to hold and offer your business card, to appear professional at all times. Step out of the boring corporate world and into the swell life.Specifications include:Material: Stainless..

Business Card Holder | Latest Edition PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Business Card Holder | Latest Edition

Perfect for a working man or lady who wants to have an office that screams PROFESSIONAL. Imagine this: New client meeting and you want to impress. Answer: This classy, memorable business car..

Butter Spreader | Classic

There’s always room for a classic stainless-steel butter spreader.Perfect for having tea and scones when having the ladies over!..

Butter Spreader | Protea PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Butter Spreader | Protea

This laser cut, stainless steel butter spreader is not only practical but the protea lends a feel of nature to the dinner table.Material | Stainless SteelSize | 17 cmCarrol Boyes is an iconic South Af..

Butter Spreader | Soleil PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Butter Spreader | Soleil

Stainless steel butter spreader with soleil design.This butter spreader will definitely bring sunshine into any day! ..

Butter Spreader | Top Notch PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Butter Spreader | Top Notch

A dignified face looks back at you from the design of these utensils, a wry smile playing around the edges of the lips, competence and knowledge shining from the steady gaze.Perfect for having tea and..

Butter Spreader | Winter

Stainless steel butter spreader with winter design that resembles a tree with no leaves. To make even the mundane occasions – special! Specifications include:Material: Stainless SteelWeight:..

Cabin Travel Bag | Hazelnut PRE-ORDER | 6-8 weeks

Cabin Travel Bag | Hazelnut

A bag that is big enough for an overnight stay and small enough to use all day! SIZE: 55cm x 40cm DEPTH:  9CMHANDLE DROP - DESIGNER LOOPED HANDLES – 30CMADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP WITH SHOULD..

R2,300.00 Ex Tax: R2,000.00

Cake Stand with Bunny Ears Lid | Teal Lid, Grey Bottom

This will transform your kitchen counter or shelves while you are not making use of it to serve your treats to your guests!  Love your Kitchen Again! ..