Novelty Gifts

We love to have a little fun now and then! 

Introducing NOVELTY GIFTS to the hood, from dog accessories to coffee lovers puzzles – there’s something for every type of person who makes up this weird & wonderful world!

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Beer Socks

Ale yeah! These are awesome socks. Perfect for Father’s Day, hubby’s birthday or anyone obsessed with beer.Mid-calf ankle socks available in 3 refreshing flavours: Ale (Orange), Lager (Yellow), Stout ..

Water From A Stone PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Water From A Stone

Keep your plants perfectly watered! No need to worry about getting your neighbour to water your plants while you’re away, ‘Water From A Stone’ slowly lets water out into your planter over the cou..

Wonder woman Light! PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Wonder woman Light!

Wonder woman kicks ass and takes names! Whether it’s providing a night light for reading, to defend the kids from their night-time ‘villains’ visiting or as an adult collectable – she conquers anythin..

Easel Book & Tablet Stand

Who needs a recipe book when you have an internet full of all the recipes you could ever ask for? Well you don’t, but you do need a tablet stand, so that browsing and following recipes is easy-peasy! ..

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle

For all your crazy-for-caffeine friends, the Coffee Lover's Jigsaw Puzzle will make the most stimulating of gifts – almost as stimulating as coffee itself (GASP)!Fit the 500 pieces together to create ..

Lap it up - Water and Travel Bowl

Attention, love, water…dogs lap it up! The two-piece water bottle has a lid that's specially designed to act as a bowl so that your dog can easily drink. The bottle reads 'Lapping it Up'and comes..

New Dog Starter Kit

Did you say walk? That one phrase that gets any dog crazy excited for life. This kit has everything you’d want to remind your dog you love him, with their very own smart spotted bow tie, rope sty..

Superman Light! PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Superman Light!

Superman is to the rescue, whether it’s providing a night light for reading, to defend the kids from their night-time ‘villains’ visiting or as an adult collectable.The Superman Light takes its distin..

Beer Lovers Jigsaw Puzzle

We’d like to recommend that you puzzle responsibly. Learn about popular beer varieties and regions when solving the beautiful, hand-illustrated puzzle and refer to the poster guide to help you along.&..

Man Flu Survival Kit

There ain’t nothing worse than man flu, they’re basically dying (well in their eyes). Show that you sympathize (not really) with all that men have to deal with…wow what a difficult life (cough…giving ..