Novelty Gifts

We love to have a little fun now and then! 

Introducing NOVELTY GIFTS to the hood, from dog accessories to coffee lovers puzzles – there’s something for every type of person who makes up this weird & wonderful world!

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Alice band | Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree…How lovely are thy branches What’s better than a beautiful Christmas tree? Wearing Christmas trees all day long – wherever you may be! One size fits most..

Alice band | HO HO HO

Ho ho ho…Merry Christmas!  We love this jolly with some holly Christmas Alice band. One size fits most..

Alice band | Reindeer

Reindeer say what? We have no-eye Deer. A cute & goofy idea for Christmas time!  One size fits most..

Awkward Silence Game PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Awkward Silence Game’s time for some awkward silence. Are you ready for it? This hilariously uncomfortable game lets you share how you really feel, potentially destroying age old relationships in the process..

Bedside Caddy Felt PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Bedside Caddy Felt

This soft and secure pocket is the perfect place to keep all your bedside essentials safe. Fits all couches and beds.  Neutral grey tone to suit any space! SIZE | (W) 27.94 x (H) 22.86 ..

Christmas Glass Jar

Christmas magic in a jar! Or well to keep your cookies safe from opportunists. Makes a lovely gift too if you fill it with all of their favourite Christmas treats! SIZE | 1 Litre ..

Christmas Salt & Pepper Shake

Salt & pepper is a must on the Christmas table. Why not make it even more festive this Christmas with this santalicious Salt & Pepper set! SIZE | 7.5cm | Ceramic ..

Christmas Tree Glasses

Who needs ordinary eyebrows when you can have Christmas tree eyebrows! Feel fully festive & have a spec-tacular Christmas! One size fits most...

Christmas Versatile Navy Headband

Make sure your Versatile Headband looks as festive as you feel! These really cool reusable multi-functional face masks or headwear can be used as sports head bands and wrist wraps. Spread the..

Dog Bone Domino Set PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Dog Bone Domino Set

Throw me a bone, and play this game why don’t ya? This 28 piece set of Dominoes has its dominoes in the shape of bones. Comes in a compact box with a lift off lid and full set of instructions.&nb..

Floatie Humidifier PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Floatie Humidifier

Breath in…breath out.Enjoy using this nifty easy-to-use device while enhancing both your physical and emotional health. Portable | USB powered humidifier | Adds moisture to the air while in cup o..

Garden Shears Set of 3 OUT OF STOCK

Garden Shears Set of 3

These Garden Shears are tres chic! Enjoy pruning & trimming in style!This rustic garden set of includes 3 sizes of carbon steel shears for pruning and trimming plants ..

Head Massager Assorted Prints PRE-ORDER | 2-3 weeks

Head Massager Assorted Prints

There ain’t many things better than a good head scratch…mmm. Well there is the head massager – it  definitely takes head scratches to the next level!It will reduce tension and stimulates sensitiv..

Hippo Zipper Bags OUT OF STOCK

Hippo Zipper Bags

Are your kiddos hungry as hippos? Set of 3 reusable zipper bags. Durable leak-proof design. Specifications include:- Reusable - Eco-friendly - Dishwasher & Freezer safe- Stand-..

Mystic 8 Ball PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Mystic 8 Ball

It has all the answers – just ask away! With 20 answers waiting to loom out at you from its watery blue depths, the lucky 8 ball will entertain and bewilder you. Just ask the ball and turn i..

Panda Zipper Bags OUT OF STOCK

Panda Zipper Bags

Don’t be a panda pooper…get the kiddos these cute zipper bags for their snacky snacks!Set of 3 reusable zipper bags. Durable leak-proof design. Specifications include:- Reusable - Eco-friend..

Pocket IQ Test PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Pocket IQ Test

Discover your IQ and test your friends and families IQ too! Ever wanted to know your IQ? Discover your score with our fun and revealing Pocket IQ Test. Compact kit contains 2 sets of questions an..

Reindeer Glasses

Look through a reindeer’s eyes and experience their little reindeer life with these FUN Reindeer Glasses. Look fully festive & have a spec-tacular Christmas! One size fits most...

Sidekick Bath Tray PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Sidekick Bath Tray

Haven’t you always wanted to feel luxurious while having a warm scented bath? Well you won’t be disappointed when you buy the best sidekick bath tray - always there to make sure you’re enjoying some r..

Spring Light PRE-ORDER | 1-2 weeks

Spring Light

Spring some light into your life. This little light is both rechargeable and portable – helping you put a light on any situation!Specifications include: - 3 hours of light - Fully charges in..

Tiger Zipper Bags OUT OF STOCK

Tiger Zipper Bags

Rawr…have we got a treat for you!Set of 3 reusable zipper bags. Durable leak-proof design. Specifications include:- Reusable - Eco-friendly - Dishwasher & Freezer safe- Stand-up des..

Water From A Stone OUT OF STOCK

Water From A Stone

Keep your plants perfectly watered! No need to worry about getting your neighbour to water your plants while you’re away, ‘Water From A Stone’ slowly lets water out into your planter over the cou..

Wonder woman Light! PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Wonder woman Light!

Wonder woman kicks ass and takes names! Whether it’s providing a night light for reading, to defend the kids from their night-time ‘villains’ visiting or as an adult collectable – she conquers anythin..

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle PRE-ORDER | 1 week

Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle

For all your crazy-for-caffeine friends, the Coffee Lover's Jigsaw Puzzle will make the most stimulating of gifts – almost as stimulating as coffee itself (GASP)!Fit the 500 pieces together to create ..