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Dream, believe, smile Hanging Sign

Who doesn’t enjoy some positive encouragement? It’s just good for your soul, but sometimes no ones around and that’s why this wooden sign is just for YOU! Hang it up in your foyer, in your living..

Family Rules

Just a little life advice from us to you! Take it or leave it, we don’t mind!Place this in your house, and you’ll constantly be taking in good advice, life lessons, and just little reminders to keep y..

Hidden Cape Town | Paul Duncan and Alain Proust

A unique look ‘inside’ 30 of Cape Town’s most noteworthy buildings. If you have ever wondered what lies behind an interesting façade, or wished you could peek behind a closed door, Hidden Cape Town is..

Tropical Party Coasters

Use these fun tropical coasters at your next party. They’ll be sure to freshen up the atmosphere. Pack of 8, two coasters in each fruity design. ..